You only get one set of adult or permanent teeth in life, and if you play sports, there’s no better investment you can make to protect them than a mouth guard. Studies show that you are 60 times more likely to damage your teeth playing sports than if you’re wearing a mouth guard. Mouthguards also help protect your lips, face, jaw, and tongue by reducing your chance of sustaining injury if you receive a blow to the face.

We offer custom fitted mouth guards suitable to your face. We can fit you with a comfortable, long lasting, and protective mouth guard made exclusively for you.

Caring for your mouth guard:

  • Rinse your mouth guard thoroughly before and after each use
  • Every few uses wash it in cool, soapy water
  • Always store your mouth guard in its container when not in use
  • Avoid exposing your mouth guard to heat such as direct sunlight or hot liquids
  • If you do damage your mouth guard, bring it in and see if it needs replacing

Are you interested in a custom fit mouth guard?